15-day evaluation license

The 15-day SquidNet evaluation license offers you an extensive range of features and benefits to fully experience and assess our rendering software. With this license, you gain access to:

  • Full Feature License: Enjoy all the capabilities and functionalities of SquidNet for a complete 15-day period. This comprehensive license allows you to explore the software’s extensive features without limitations.
  • Cloud and Local Rendering Interfaces: Access both the cloud-based and local rendering interfaces, providing you with flexibility and options for rendering your projects. Whether you prefer utilizing cloud resources or leveraging your local infrastructure, SquidNet supports your preferred workflow.
  • Unlimited Jobs and User Accounts: Take advantage of unlimited job submissions and user accounts during the evaluation period. This enables you to thoroughly test SquidNet’s capacity and performance, accommodating multiple users and concurrent rendering tasks.
  • 1 Hour Setup, Configuration, and Training: Our evaluation package includes dedicated support to assist you in setting up and configuring SquidNet effectively. Additionally, you will receive up to 1 hour of training to familiarize yourself with the software’s features and maximize your productivity.
  • Support via Email or Skype: Throughout your evaluation period, our support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have. We provide support via email or Skype, ensuring timely assistance to help you make the most of your evaluation experience.
  • Extended Evaluation Periods: Should you require additional time to evaluate SquidNet beyond the initial 15-day period, extended evaluation periods are available upon request. We understand the importance of thorough evaluation, and we are flexible in accommodating your specific needs.

With the 15-day SquidNet evaluation license, you gain a comprehensive understanding of our rendering software, its capabilities, and its potential benefits for your workflow. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore SquidNet’s features, receive personalized support, and assess its suitability for your rendering requirements.

For further assistance or questions on evaluation licenses, please send us an email.


License purchasing instructions

Instructions for purchasing SquidNet licenses are as follows:

  1. Select licensing model that best fits your needs.
  2. Send us an email to request specific licensing information. Please indicate license type, number of render nodes and rendering applications used.
  3. Get us your render farm’s hardware keys by following these instructions.
  4. Evaluation and production licenses are always delivered via email.
  5. License purchase typically payed using PayPal or bank wire transfer. Payment instructions will be provided after evaluation period expires.

For further assistance or questions on licensing terms, please send us an email.

  • The Free License is automatically included with the default installation of SquidNet.
  • A single node license covers either a master, client or slave node.
  • A “Single Studio Account” refers to the local “RenderFarm” account.
  • Training (typically 1 hour) and support (Email, phone, Skype, etc…) provided as needed.
  • Reseller discounts are available (for inquiries, send us an email).
  • Consultation Services available on a hourly basis (for inquiries, send us an email).
  • Permanent licenses require hardware keys from your render farm (not required for evaluation licenses). Please follow instructions here to generate.
  • 25-node perpetual license for educational institutions. (Requires subscription license after the first year)