Google Cloud Platform Support

SquidNet now supports Google Cloud Platform services. With SquidNet GCP support, a complete SquidNet Computing Solution can now reside within the cloud.

GCP support is completely integrated into SquidNet’s existing local, cloud and bridge workflows. Compute Engines can be instantiated as needed to support limitless processing power configurations. Here’s a list of some of the more advanced features:

  • Integrated Management of Virtual Machines

  • Automatic Creation, Startup and Shutdown of Compute Engines

  • Limitless Connectivity to All Google GCP Resources

  • Automatic Shutdown or Deletion of Idle Computing Resources

  • Compute Engine Management Profiles

  • Connectivity with local bare metal resources using SquidNet Bridge framework

  • Native Support for all SquidNet Features and Services

3,500,000 Nvidia CUDA cores !!

SquidNet’s Bridge platform combines the distributed computing capabilities of our partner’s services to provide real-time processing of GPU related processing technologies including AI, Deep Machine Learning, Gaming, 3D Visualization, Image Processing and 3D Visual Effects.

SquidNet is an advanced render farm and distributed computing solution for the TV, film, 3D animation and visual effects (VFX) industries.

A SquidNet render farm consists of submitting workstations (clients), a workflow manager (master) and rendering engines (slaves). The master node accepts processing requests from multiple sources and evenly distributes those requests to available CPU and GPU resources. The following advanced features are supported:

  • Complete Workflow Management

  • CPU and GPU Rendering Workflows

  • CUDA and OPENCL GPU Support

  • Batch Scripting and Automation

  • Local Rendering Framework

  • Web-based Rendering Framework

  • Internet-Capable Desktop Applications

  • Internet Secure Communications

  • Local In-application Plugins

  • Remote In-application Plugins

  • SQL Database Storage and Retrieval

  • Multi-User Management

  • Complete Render Farm Service Solution

  • Automatic Upload and Download of Rendering Content

  • Local and Remote Command Line Interface Support

  • Resource sharing between SquidNet Render Farms

  • Consultation Services for Render Farm Startups

  • Custom Branding of User Interfaces

  • Drag and Drop Render Job Submission

  • Python Interface for remote job submission

  • IBM Aspera High Speed Data Transfer Support

  • New !! Compute Engines using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

SquidNet manages distributing computing requests from workstations residing within the local network or from client workstations accessible over the internet.  SquidNet can support hundreds of CPU rendering nodes and GPU devices. All rendering nodes and GPU devices are automatically detected on the local network and seamlessly integrated into all workflows.

Specific workflows are available for animation studios, hobbyists, educational institutions and  render farm services utilizing both bare-metal computers and virtual machines.

SquidNet User Interface

  • Full Control Management Interface

  • Local, Cloud and Bridge Management Controls

  • Render Farm Service Management Framework

  • Administrator and User Management Framework

  • SQL Database, Job Reports and Analysis Tools

  • Scripting Interface and Command Line Tools

  • Rich Web-based JScript/JSON/PHP Interface

SquidNet Cloud User Interface

  • Full Job Control Interface

  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux

  • Scripting Interface and Command Line Tools

  • Job Reporting Functions

  • In-Application Plugin Support

  • Automatic Updating of New Versions

  • Custom Installer For Render Farm Services

SquidNet Web User Interface

  • Full Control Management Interface

  • Drag’n’Drop Project Interface

  • Download Control of Rendered Content

  • Job Submission from Folder Structure Framework

  • Accessibility From Any Web Connected Device