What is Squidnet?

Squidnet is the world’s most advanced distributed rendering and computing solution for the TV, film, 3D animation and visual effects (VFX) industries. With Squidnet’s completely modular framework, it’s possible to build environments that support any type of distributed computing workflow.

Modular components include:

  • Local render farm management
  • Complete turnkey render farm service solution
  • CPU and GPU workflow
  • Squidnet Render Bridge ® to combine disparate rendering networks
  • Multiple options for job submission (Desktop app, in-application plugin, scripting, etc…)
  • REST API to manage workflows
  • Squidnet Task Engine ® to automatically switch between distributed processing operations
  • Integrated support for Google Cloud Platform , Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services
Render Farm

Squidnet Rendering Architecture

Squidnet supports any distributing computing application that provides an API/SDK or command line interface. Support for additional applications available upon request.

Here are all the applications that are currently supported:

Squidnet provides in-app plugins for all mayor 3D software packages like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Houdini and Blender. Meaning you can submit your jobs directly from your 3D application.

Monitor your jobs jobs

Squidnet provides multiple options to control and monitor your jobs. 

This is located on your master machine and provides besides basic control many advanced options like:

  • Local, Cloud and Bridge Management Controls
  • Render Farm Service Management Framework
  • Administrator and User Management Framework
  • SQL Database, Job Reports and Analysis Tools
  • Scripting Interface and Command Line Tools
  • Rich Web-based JScript/JSON/PHP Interface
User interface

The Cloud User Interface (CUI) can be installed by any desktop in the world to connect to your master. This is perfect for render farms with multiple users or Universities that would like to allow students to render their work locally or remotely.

  • Full Job Control Interface
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Scripting Interface and Command Line Tools
  • Job Reporting Functions
  • In-Application Plugin Support
  • Automatic Updating of New Versions
  • Custom Installer For Render Farm Services
Cloud Interface

SquidNet’s in-application Streamer lives inside your favorite rendering application. The Streamer provides all the functionality of the Cloud User Interface (CUI) with the added feature of submitting a d monitoring your jobs from inside your rendering application.

  • Job submission
  • Job management
  • Job upload & download status

You can also monitor your jobs online with Squidnet’s built-in web interface where you can login to see everything wherever you are. With Squidnet’s REST API, you can also build your own web interface. Custom made web integration is also available.

  • Full Control Management Interface
  • Drag’n’Drop Project Interface
  • Download Control of Rendered Content
  • Job Submission from Folder Structure Framework
  • Accessibility From Any Web Connected Device
Web Interface

Advanced features features

Squidnet has many advanced features, here are some highlights. 

Cloud Manager

Remote User Desktop Application

SquidNet’s Cloud User Interface (CUI) provides for access to your jobs from your local desktop. Features include:

  • Interface to in-application plugins.
  • Automatic uploading of rendering content.
  • Job monitoring and control.
  • Automatic downloading of rendered frames.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

SquidNet’s GPU interface provides an ideal candidate for machine learning distributed operations. The front-end local and cloud-based user interfaces provide all the user input data to the back-end GPU processing nodes. When processing is completed, SquidNet bundles up the output content and downloads it to the user’s desktop automatically. Send us an email if you’re interested in becoming a development partner for our machine learning interface design.


Custom Workflows

SquidNet provides a completely customizable framework to support any distributed computing workflow:

  • Command line tools for local and remote access interfaces.
  • Support for custom applications.
  • Support for any distributed computing application that provides an API or command line interface.
Cloud Services

Cloud Platforms – Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon

SquidNet provides the internal hooks to connect to Google Cloud, Azure and amazon web services. Each cloud instance can be used as a local or cloud-based rendering node.


Built-in Render Farm Service Management Interface

SquidNet provides a complete render farm service manager framework. Create studio profiles with one or more user login accounts. Create rendering leases that determine studio’s rendering criteria, settings and limitations. Studio accounts are assigned render credits which are used to regulate usage of render farm resources.


User Login Management Interface

SquidNet provides a complete user management interface. Each account can be configured as an administrator or as a regular user.

  • Secure username and password management support over OpenSSL.
  • Tracking of jobs by username.
  • Analytics based on user account usage.