Render Farm Solution

  • Cloud User interface (CUI):

    • Client user interface for remote job submission, monitoring, etc…
    • Automatic upload and download of user content.
    • OpenSSL Secure Communications
    • Single scene drag and drop interface
    • Batch mode drag and drop interface.
  • User Rendering Accounts:

    • Per-studio user render account management.
    • Username/password credential assignment.
    • Automatic update of CUI when new versions are available.
  • Command line interface:

    • Scriptable command line JScript/JSON interfaces.
    • Use command line interface to create user in-application plugins.
    • Batch-process job management.
  • Render Credit Management System:

    • Assign render credits to studio accounts.
    • Automatic tracking of render credit usage.
    • Render credit usage based on performance of rendering host.
  • Automatic Upload/Download:

    • Project content packaged, compressed and uploaded upon submission.
    • Rendered images automatically downloaded to local user storage.
    • OpenSSL Secure Transport
  • Admin and User Job Reporting:

    • Admin and User job reporting via SQL database queries.
    • Automatic periodic render farm report generation.
    • Automatic generation of user job reporting via email.
  • Studio Accounts:

    • Create hundreds of customer accounts.
    • Assign dozens of user accounts to each studio account.
    • Assigned of render farm credits via lease framework.
  • SQL Database:

    • SQL database for job reporting (archival, history and job queue management)
    • SQL user database accessible from Cloud User Interface.
    • Automatic nightly backups.

Cloud-based Rendering

SquidNet’s cloud rendering solution includes a desktop GUI application. The CUI provides the interfaces for job submission, uploading image content, downloading rendered images, monitoring activity and job/usage report generation. It’s also the main gateway to SquidNet’s Cloud Command Line interface (CCL). The CUI is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Job Management Interface

SquidNet’s cloud job queuing system provides all the tools necessary to manage job submitted from outside the local render farm. Within the farm, all cloud-based jobs and local-based jobs reside within the same job queuing system. Internally, SquidNet doesn’t differentiate between cloud and local job submissions.

Studio Management Interface

SquidNet’s cloud rendering solution includes a sophisticated studio and user management system. Studio accounts are configured to include one or more user accounts, render pools, render nodes, rendering applications, available render credits and more. SquidNet’s proprietary Processor Performance Index (PPI) render credit usage system ensures that all users consume the exact same number of render credits regardless of the rendering horsepower of the rendering node.