What are job profiles ?

Job profiles are created from application templates and contain the rendering instructions and parameters for a render job. Both the local and cloud interfaces allow job profiles to be created, edited, submitted and saved. Each profile can be re-opened, edited and resubmitted to the render farm.

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What kind of training is provided ?

Free online training is provided upon license purchase. Typical training sessions are as follows: Render Farm Installation (1 hour): Includes installation and setup of master, client and slave render nodes. Local interface (1 hour): Includes job submission, troubleshooting and monitoring of farm activity. Cloud Interface(2 hours): Includes cloud interface, studio and user account setup, render [...]

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Which 3d rendering applications are supported ?

SquidNet supports the following rendering applications: Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3DSMAX Maxon Cinema 4D Blender The Foundry Modo Newtek Lightwave FFMPEG Adobe After Effects The Foundry Nuke Maxwell Render V-Ray Standalone Redshift Standalone more... SquidNet can support any application that provides an API/SDK or command line interface.

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