1 License Hardware Keys

SquidNet licenses are tied to your render farm by embedding some of your render farm’s unique hardware signatures (aka fingerprint) inside your purchased license(s). These hardware signatures contain specific information on the physical properties of each computer system (number of CPUs, CPU cache, serial numbers, motherboard, UUIDs, etc..). Each node on your render farm has a unique hardware signature. No two nodes will ever have the same hardware signature.

1.1 Getting Hardware Keys

Before we can issue you your SquidNet license(s) we must get a list of some (but not all) of your render farm’s hardware signatures. SquidNet licenses are good as long as ANY of the hardware signatures embedded within the license are active on your render farm.

Follow this procedure to send us your render farm’s hardware signatures:

  1. With SquidNet fully installed and configured on your render farm, open the License Manager dialog (Help->License Manager…).

  2. Press the “Show Hardware Signatures” button.

  1. Send us the hardware signatures by doing one of the following:

    1. Cut/paste the node list (with hardware signatures) and email to support@squidnetsoftware.com.

      – or –

    2. Press the “Email hardware signatures” button and fill in studio, name and email fields. This will automatically send the license keys for you.



    Make sure to provide a correct return email address.

  2. Once we receive your hardware signatures, we’ll send you your license keys to the email address provided.

  3. Register your license. (see License Registration section)