5 Tile/Bucket Rendering


Blender Foundation: Tile Render Viewer


Planetside Software: Tile Render Viewer


The Foundry Modo: Tile Render Viewer

SquidNet provides an Tile/Bucker Rendering interface for rendering single frames across a render farm. SquidNet automatically breaks up the frame into rows and columns of tiles. Each tile is submitted to the farm, rendered and automatically stiched together to form a final image.

5.1 Supported Applications

SquidNet supports tile rendereing for the following applications:


Tile rendering support for additional job templates can be added upon request. (Assuming application supports frame region rendering).

5.2 Tile Render Job Setup


Tile Render Setup

To submit a tile render job, simply open the job submittion form and press the Tile Render button to open the Tile Render Setup window. In the window, select the desired final image resolution, image format and the number of rows and columns to use.


Make sure your farm is properly configured for Tile Rendering. (see Tile/Bucket Rendering section).