3 License Registration

To register a purchased or evaluation license, do the following:

  1. Make sure your SquidNet render farm has master, client and slave nodes configured. At a minimum, the master node must be configured.

  2. Start the SquidNet user interface on the master node:

    1. Open License Manager (Help->License Manager…).
    2. Press the “Register New License” button to open the License Registration dialog.
    3. Select the browse button to open your license file (purchased or evaluation) into the registration window (see image below).

    License registration key.

    1. Press “Register” button.
  3. If successfully installed, check the license manager listings to ensure that your license is present.


    Installed SquidNet licenses.


Licenses must be registered on master node. Make sure you keep your SquidNet license(s) in a safe place.