2 Cloud User Interface

2.1 Overview

The Cloud User Interface (CUI) provides a remote submission interface to your local render farm and contains the following features:

  • Automatic compression and uploading of project content to render farm server.
  • OpenSSL AES 128-bit encrypted communications between CUI and server.
  • Automatic syncing of project content on server. Only delta content is uploaded on subsequent job submissions.
  • Retention of submitted jobs for re-editing and re-submission.
  • Real-time display of your frames rendering progress.
  • Image viewer to display downloadled content.
  • Activity logger of all user events.
  • SQL Database queries.
  • Real-time display of upload/download transfer queues.
  • Configurable job templates. (Studio configuration determines template selection).
  • Full job control (submit, suspend, resume, cancel, etc…)
  • Real-time display of server’s job queue. (Visable in graph display format)
  • Job event notifications.
  • Image preview display of downloaded images.
  • Support provided for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.