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Major Releases: Occur periodically and are indicated with major.minor (x.xx) version numbers. Major releases include all previous patches. Users are notified automatically when a new release is available.

Patch Releases: Occur between major releases and are indicated with major.minor.patch (x.xxPxx) version numbers. Patch releases typically include new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Users are not automatically notified when patch releases are made available. However, users can always check for product updates from SquidNet's User Interface.


LATEST RELEASES (release notes):

Cloud Interface (3.62)
Render Farm (2.66P136)
SquidNet Apple Logo


      • Cloud interface must match version of SquidNet master. Please make sure you have the correct versions installed.
      • Cloud Interface documentation not yet available. For BETA testers, please send us an email.


We rely heavily on the feedback from our users, so please get back to us with any problems that you may encounter with installation.